Cabarete spots explained

Kiting in Cabarete is like kiteboarding in paradise: strong stable side onshore winds and warm water! What better way to kite than in your boardshorts? Check out the info below on our Cabarete kite spots and the general conditions when kitesurfing in Cabarete.


The bay of Cabarete is technically split up into four spots: Cabarete Beach, Bozo Beach, Punta Goleta Beach and Kite Beach.

Map of kite spots Cabarete

The different spots in Cabarete

Bozo Beach & Punta Goleta Beach

Bahia Residence Cabarete, which is located in Bahia de Arena, has its own private entrance to Bozo Beach, one of the best spots to go kiteboarding in Cabarete.


Together with Punta Goleta Beach, Bozo Beach covers the western half of Cabarete Bay, starting about half way the bay until the western reef point. Here, kiters have all the space they want in the large open bay with sandy beach protected by the reef.


The bay does get a bit choppy, but chop is great for tricks, jumps and anything else. Those into waveriding will be delighted when the swell comes in on the protective reef about one kilometer into the ocean. For those who like big air, use the waves as natural kickers. For those who like foiling go in the morning when the breeze is light. This truly is the perfect playground for all riding styles!


As many other visitors and residents at Bahia Residence are kiters, the atmosphere is super relaxed. You will always find someone to help you launch your kite, to go ride with, or have an ice-cold beer with afterwards.


Kite Beach

Kite Beach is a 5-10-minute beach walk away from Bahia Residence in westerly direction, or just start kiting from our beach, ride past the reef and go downwind a bit past the reef point. Kite Beach tends to be a bit flatter as it's protected by the reef point but can get very busy so best to go early in the day when the wind starts. Being located a little bit upwind provides you with the perfect opportunity to choose whether you want to go there or stay on our playground.


Cabarete Beach

Towards to South Eastern point to about the middle of the bay is for windsurfers, catamarans and lasers. This beach is called Cabarete Beach and also hosts all beachside bars and restaurants.

Kitesurfing in Cabarete
Kitesurfing in Cabarete
Kitesurfing in Cabarete

Other spots close to Cabarete

La Boca

At the river mouth of the Yasica river is a sweet butter flat spot called La Boca. It's not very big so only for medium to advanced riders. You can go on a downwind tour from La Boca to Cabarete. Contact us for more information!


Encuentro Beach

In the mornings Encuentro Beach is our local surf spot with more than five different types of breaks, ranging from beginner easy to advanced hard. In the afternoons when the wind picks this becomes a fantastic kite wave spot. It's easy to go on a downwinder from Cabarete to Encuentro, with some really nice spots on the way. Be sure to take someone local with you as there are some danger points and the exit at Encuentro is not easy because of the shore reef.


Downwind tours

Bahia Residence Cabarete loves organizing downwind tours. We usually organize downwinders from La Boca to Cabarete, or from Cabarete to Encuentro, but if you wanted you could also do a downwind tour from La Boca to Encuentro, or from a secret starting point further East. Drop us a line for more information.

Kite spots Cabarete area
Kitesurfing in Cabarete

Let's talk about wind

Wind direction

All year long we have the trade winds blowing from East to West, sometimes veering so that it blows from East-South East to West-North West. So mostly onshore wind to cross onshore wind conditions. This means that if you have a problem with your kite you always get pushed back to shore by the wind and waves.


Wind season

Traditionally, during the winter months (December to April) the wind averages between 15-18 knots. In the summer months (June to mid-September), the trade winds get amplified by the thermal winds with average wind speeds of 20-25 knots.


End September, October and November are usually little to no-wind months but it all depends, climate change is also changing the wind conditions here. We’ve had some epic sessions in October and November. If you are into foil kiting (or want to learn) consider coming during these months. You'll have the whole bay to yourself.


Check out our wind meter for current and past wind statistics. Or contact us if you want to know what current conditions are like.


Wind meter

Bahia Residence Cabarete has placed a wind meter at the beach entrance up in a palm tree. Because of its location, these wind statistics reflect the wind force on the coast. Out on the bay and on the reef, the wind is usually between one and two knots stronger.


If the wind comes from the South East the wind meter falls into the wind shadow of another palm tree. Keep in mind though that if the wind veers too much towards the South (side shore to side offshore), the wind becomes pretty unstable and it’s best not to go out unless you don’t mind swimming back to shore with your gear.

Kitesurfing in Cabarete
Kitesurfing in Cabarete

Seasons in Cabarete


There are some obvious advantages to kitesurfing in Cabarete in winter. First of all, unless you live in the tropics or in the southern hemisphere, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice break from the cold.


In terms of kiting, the water is still warm (26 degrees Celsius / 79 degrees Fahrenheit) although if you have a tendency to feel cold when wet bring a neoprene rash vest or a 3mm shorty. Typical kites to bring are 9s and 12s for men, and 7s and 9s for the ladies, depending on rider size and board size/style.


The winter is our wave season so for those who like to wave kite you’ll be spoiled for choice.




The summer months come with their own set of advantages when it comes to kitesurfing in Cabarete. The wind is usually stronger and more stable. The water tends to be flatter and is really warm. On the reef you’ll still be able to find some small waves. Typical kites to bring are 7s and 9s for men, and 7s or smaller for ladies. Again it all depends on rider size and board size/style. Feel free to drop us a line for advice.

Kitesurfing in Cabarete

North Coast of the Dominican Republic

Cabarete is located on the Atlantic Ocean. That’s one of the reasons why the water is usually a bit choppy. A lot of people are scared of choppy water but that is because they haven’t yet tried to ride in such conditions. A bit of chop is great for aerials and tricks in general. Learning how to ride in choppy conditions is also an advantage as you’ll be able to ride wherever you want afterwards.


On the reef there are always some waves, small in summer, medium sized in winter.

Kitesurfing in Cabarete

Good to know


None! Our beach is sand and the reef is deep enough everywhere except on the reef point between our beach and Kite Beach.
Engine propelled rafts are not allowed in Cabarete, which makes life really nice.


Keep a look out for

When kitesurfing in Cabarete watch out for the sea turtles. They need to come up for air from time to time and usually dive back down the minute they see you coming. Keep an eye out for that magical encounter and to avoid hitting them by accident.

Kitesurfing in Cabarete

Want to come & stay in Cabarete?


Cabarete has loads of options. Have a look at our vacation apartment rentals, located only a minute walk from Bozo Beach. The perfect spot for kiters, with great stable internet, and hotel service.



Kitesurfing in Cabarete
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