FAQs about the Dominican Republic and Covid-19

Updated May 2022

Do I need a negative Covid-19 test to enter the Dominican Republic?

No, Covid tests are no longer a requirement to enter the Dominican Republic.


Do I need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to enter the Dominican Republic?

No, there is no such requirement. However, random Covid testing will sometimes occur at the airport in the Dominican Republic. Those who have a valid vaccination card will not have to be submitted to any testing.


Do I need anything else to enter the Dominican Republic

You are required to fill out a QR code form, the so-called eTicket, both when entering and exiting the Dominican Republic. When filling out this form please mark your accommodation as "private rental"; the address should be filled out as following: Province: Puerto Plata, Municipality: Sosua, Section: Cabarete, Street & number: Calle Principal Sosua-Cabarete.


My country is requiring a negative Covid test to return, where can I get one?

Some countries still ask for a negative PCR or antigen test when returning from the Dominican Republic. We can organize for a medical representative to come to your apartment to perform the test on your preferred date for a fee. Tests are done in the mornings, results are sent electronically in the afternoon.


Is the beach in Cabarete open?

Yes, the beach is open for everyone to enjoy since 1 July 2020, and will remain open during the State of Emergency. Social distancing rules, however, do apply.


Can I kitesurf / SUP / surf in Cabarete?

Yes! Cabarete is open again for kitesurfing, stand-up paddling, surfing and any other sport in which social distancing can be maintained.


Can I take kitesurfing lessons?

Yes, you can take kitesurfing lessons. Get in touch with us to get the best deals in town.


Are the bars and restaurants open in Cabarete?



Do I have to wear a mask in Cabarete?

The only place where you still need to wear a mask is in hospitals, and other medical service providers.


Can I take a taxi / public transportation?

Yes, taxis as well as moto taxis, shared taxis, minibuses and buses are available.

If you need a taxi, don’t hesitate to contact reception via WhatsApp.


Are the shops open and stocked in Cabarete?

Yes, all shops including supermarkets are open. All are fully stocked although sometimes an item may temporarily sell out, as was already the case before the pandemic.


Are the airports open in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, all airports in the Dominican Republic are open.

FAQs about Bahia Residence Cabarete and Covid-19

Is Bahia Residence Cabarete open?

Yes, Bahia Residence is open to welcome you!

For everyone’s safety we have added a number of extra cleaning, disinfection and safety protocols. We do count on the common sense of all our guests to keep a distance of at least 2 meters / 6 feet between themselves and other guests as well as staff members at all times, also when enjoying the pool.


Do you offer any special rates these days?

Yes!  In case you are thinking of staying for a month or longer we have some very attractive rates on offer right now.


How can I pay for my reservation?

As the Dominican Republic is still very much a cash-based economy, we will continue to accept cash (Dominican Pesos, USD and Euros). Payment is also possible via bank transfers, and via credit card through PayPal (PayPal costs are additional).


Is the pool at Bahia Residence Cabarete open?

Yes, the pool is open from 9am to 8pm. Please do use the outdoor showers before getting into the pool. Maximum 6 people (including children) are allowed in the pool at the same time, while keeping a 2 meter / 6 feet distance between other guests in the pool. The small pool can only be used by one group of guests at a time.


Are the apartments at Bahia Residence Cabarete disinfected before each stay?

Yes, your apartment has been thoroughly cleaned & disinfected before you check in.


Will there be housekeeping during my stay?

Cleaning services are twice a week. Should you need clean towels in between cleaning services don’t hesitate to ask reception via WhatsApp.

We kindly ask guests to vacate the apartment when housekeeping comes to clean your apartment for the duration of the cleaning. Once housekeeping has left the apartment please wait at least 5 minutes before you go back in.


Can I check-in without any contact at Bahia Residence Cabarete?

As we have done in the past, there is no need to go to the reception for check-in. Just send us a message via WhatsApp or give us a call when you arrive so we can meet you in the parking and show you to your apartment, while keeping the appropriate distance.

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Enjoy your stay in safety!